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Old Dresser Drawers

 When purchasing old dressers I always check not only the drawer interiors, but also remove the drawers and check the exterior drawer bottoms.

My first picture shows the metal drawer stops used by craftsmen back in the day to keep the drawers aligned with the frame when opening and closing.

 After many years of use they begin to work themselves out as shown above in my 1st picture. These loose stops, if not fixed, then rub on the drawer bottoms as shown in my second and third pictures below. Although the smaller drawer bottom is not too bad and still functional, the larger drawer bottom is almost completely worn through and will require me to cut a new bottom and replace it.

Replacing these bottoms is time consuming and another expense you must consider when buying these old dressers, so be sure to inspect them thoroughly before purchasing for a makeover.

I also remove these old loose stops and replace them with small blocks of wood I cut and glue with my preferred Titebond III Ultimate wood glue.

The final picture shows the new stops added to the dresser.

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