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The Story Behind Angelina

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I receive lots of questions from my ETSY shop customers about the availability of my vanity sets so decided I had better pull a few from my unfinished inventory and give them their makeover.

I recently completed my black and gold "Audrey" vanity set and have now started on a 2nd vanity set I have named "Angelina"

I have chosen a beautiful soft white from Dixie Belle called "Fluff" and one of my favorite Modern Masters metallic paints named "Champagne".

I know some of you who follow me also paint so I thought I would start sharing some of my painting tips.

I get many questions about my use of textured wallpaper on furniture so thought I would share my process since I am using it on the side of the white vanity I am currently painting.

Textured, paintable wall paper is a great way to add interest and take your pieces to the next level when painting. I especially liked using it on my vanity to add a little flair to an entirely white piece of furniture. Those who follow me might know I seldom paint my pieces white as it does not inspire me; but adding the wallpaper makes this vanity much more interesting to me. Anyway.....

This vanity was the perfect candidate as the sides were framed like a picture frame making this process much easier. You simply measure inside the framed side and cut your wallpaper to an exact fit.

I use a wallpaper border adhesive and a paint brush to apply a thin complete layer of the product to both the furniture side and the back of the wallpaper. Apply it to your area, press it firmly and then roll the paper with a small brayer to get good adhesion, especially on the edges. Use baby wipes to clean up any adhesive that might have squeezed out around the edges.

I let this dry overnight and then paint the wallpaper with the main color of your piece, in my case it was Dixie Belle Fluff white paint. Make sure you pounce your paint on to get it in all the textured areas on your paper. Let this dry thoroughly.

Once the side is dry pour some of your contrasting color on a paper plate, in my case it was Modern Masters Champagne metallic paint. I use a small artist brush to apply this paint to the raised areas on my wallpaper. It works best if you lay your brush on it's side and just drag it over the texture. At this point you are adding as much color as you want to highlight all the raised portions on your paper. I use baby wipes while the paint is wet to control my color by wiping back the metallic paint until I get it the way I like.

Once the wallpaper is dry, I seal it with a satin topcoat. It is on there to stay!!

I hope this was helpful for some of you and let me know if you have any questions.

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